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Hello and welcome to the official website of the Europod !


The Europod is a trinational exchange programm of sport clubs, between Lyon, Francfurt and Birmingham with more than 400 young participants, who come together for one week, to practice sports together and to discover foreign cultures.

> The clubs are organising a programm full off different activities like trainings, competitions or excursions. 

> The children will be hosted at the families off their exchange partners.

> “Europiade”: A commun day for all children off all clubs, it’s a possibility to make new friends and to discover new sports.

>To give young people the opportunity to discover  foreign cultures and to make unique experiences 

> Because we are convinced that sport is much more than only training and competition. It is an international language, connects people and gives young people the chance to find and developp their strenghts.

> Because sport teaches important values like respect, fair play or team spirit 

Planing the Europod means a lot of organizational work.Therefore every club has 2 partner associations in the other cities to work together and to offer an interesting programm for the children. 

The clubs are supported by the Office des Sports Lyon, the Sportjugend Frankfurt and Sport Birmingham. They are the main organisators off Europod and are for example responsable for the finances or the journey.

Here a short presentation off the institutions :

The Office des Sports Lyon wants to make the Sport in Lyon more popular and helps their clubs in their daily life. Also, it offers different                          services for their members.

Sport Birmingham are a strategic sports partnership that provide support through insight, knowledge and expertise to anyone in Birmingham working towards our vision of a more active city and a healthier place to live, learn, work and play.

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